The Soul Game

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The Saul Game

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....This book, The Soul Game has convincingly answered many such questions of mine. It provides the readers with a clear perspective about the theory of Karma, the Soul, the "Mind, the Body and the role of Almighty. It also explains how we suffer due to our own actions or Karmas and not due to the wishes of God that to in a very rational manner...

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Richa Agarwal, Sunil Prakash

Richa Agarwal, Sunil Prakash Richa Agarwal Richa is a visionary Life & Leadership Coach, a compassionate Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trainer of Hypnotherapy and also an award-winning Film Maker. She is the Founder & CEO of MindSpring - An Alternate Healing & Research Center as well as EpicStar Productions - A Creative Venture in Media & Entertainment. She excels in Counselling & Stress Management, Executive Coaching, Women Empowerment, Relationship & Conflict Management, Leadership Skills Enhancement, Sports Performance Enhancement and Behaviour Modification. She has been conducting workshops for almost a decade now based on all these subjects in Corporates, Educational Institutions & Hospitals. Richa has been helping individuals, students, corporate employees and sports persons overcome their inhibitions, apprehensions, fears, phobias and anxieties to achieve their dreams. In her decade long devotion as a coach, therapist, mentor, guide and counsellor, she has trained more than 2000 employees across organizations; worked with many terminally ill patients and helped them heal at a physical & emotional level; as well as worked with rescued and autistic children. In order to create awareness in the society about the support Hypnotherapy may provide in the treatment of Autistic children, she made a short film based on one of her actual autistic clients. This film was selected for screening at the Cannes International Film Festival and also won Dadasaheb Phalke Award. Richa also holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science and prior to dedicating her life for the betterment of society had a promising career of over a decade in the software industry. As a Program Management professional, she worked with top multinational corporations heading large teams & large scale projects across the world prior to becoming a Corporate Coach. Her venture MindSpring is an alternate healing and research center that believes in curing the world of traumas, physiological and psychological afflictions with a wide range of therapies and highly individualized treatments, standalone as well as alongside conventional medical procedures. She motivates and inspires people to think only about what they want in life rather than what they don't want. This is because thoughts always convert into reality. It's about making the right choice of what we want to get manifested in our life! /Dr. Sunil Prakash Sunil started his career in 1974 with a large business organization heading the MIS department and moved subsequently into promoting Indian Handicrafts overseas. Since 1990 he has been successfully running his export company. In 2008 he had a chance meeting with a Clinical Hypnotherapist who introduced him to the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy as a healing modality. At that time in India, Hypnotherapy was not a popular healing modality. There were lots of myths and misconceptions linked with Hypnosis. Sunil got his universal calling to propagate and spread this knowledge. He completed his Hypnotherapist course as well as Trainer's program in less than a year and started practicing and teaching Clinical Hypnotherapy from 2009 onward. Sunil is the CEO of California Hypnosis Institute Gurgaon. He is a trainer, consultant and therapist to various corporates, institutions and individuals for career planning, sports performance, memory enhancement, self-empowerment, psychosomatic issues such as stress, anger, anxiety, fears, phobias, substance abuse, relationship and marital issues etc.

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