Reminiscence of Ram Rajya in Mordern Law

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Reminiscence of Ram Rajya in Mordern Law

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The purpose of writing the present book is to find out and indicate the righteous conduct or law in Ram Rajya during the period of Shri Ram in modern jurisprudence. A number of statutory provisions, opinions of sociologists, judgments of Supreme Court of India and passages from the articles of western jurists referred to in the present book go a long way to establish the fact that whatever the modern world possesses at present is the off-shoot of 'Ram Rajya', at play not only in this country but all over the world. Culture, civilisation and equal treatment in Ram Rajya were superb and were at its highest pinnacle. Deceits or lies seems to not existed in civilized society. Truth was the foundation of Ram Rajya. To exemplify, when a Brahmin beggar hurt the dog, he fearlessly appeared and confessed his guilt fearlessly before King Ram leaving it open to Shri Ram to award any punishment he deserves, includes death penalty. Study of life history of Rama by Balmiki, Raghuvansh by Kalidas, Ramayan by Kamban, Ramcharit Manas by Tulsidas and bunch of other authors indicates that law or righteousness was propped up by conduct & fairness. When Sita, the paragon of virtue, says that there are three formidably dangerous evils towards the observance of Dharma or righteous conduct i.e. uttering a falsehood (speaking a lie), desiring to possess the wife of another man (molestation, rape and concubine, etc.) and hurting someone without offending anyone is not righteous in any manner, it does not seem to have relation with the religion as understood today. It was purely undesirable human conduct in tune with today's principle that no one should be punished without commission of crime and without providing an opportunity to defend for the crime committed. It may be noticed that punishment for rape, molestation or possession of another man's wife was treated to be serious offence inviting major penalty of death, not only told by Sita but also in action followed by Shri Rama while executing Bali and later on killing Ravana, being an accused, who kidnapped Sitaji.

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