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MARY BEARD Born in Indianapolis, Mary Ritter Beard (5 August 1876 – 14 August 1958) attended De Pauw University in Asbury, Indiana, where she studied political science, languages and literature. She graduated in 1897 and taught high school German until 1900 when she married Charles Austin Beard. She accompanied her husband to Oxford, where she got involved with the British women's suffrage movement. The Beards returned to New York in 1902, where she helped organise the National Women's Trade Union League. From 1910 to 1912 she edited the suffragist periodical The Woman Voter and, after that, worked with the Wage Earner's League. The Beards also helped found the Workers Education Bureau. After her first book, Woman's Work in Municipalities (1915), Mary wrote A Short History of the American Labour Movement (1920), and co-authored with Charles The Rise of American Civilisation (1927). She also authored and edited Understanding Women (1931), America through Women's Eyes (1933), A Changing Political Economy as It Affects Women (1934), and Women as a Force in History (1946), among others. Mary also collaborated in organising the World Centre for Women's Archives (WCWA) that generated momentum for developing institutions of women's history. The present work is a living testimony to Mary's work in WCWA and other organisations devoted to women's cause.

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