A Textual Study of The Apu Trilogy

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This is a teacher's book written by teachers for student and of course, for other teachers. A teacher's book is different from a critic's book and also a scholar's book. A critic's book uses a style for comfortable, pleasurable reading even while making profound observations on a film. It is addressed to a wide readership across the book reading community, national and international. A scholar's book is research based and is meant primarily for other research workers the world over, as also for teachers who could selectively use the material in the book for appropriate use with students. Most often students find a scholar's book high above them, and appropriately so.

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SATISH BAHADUR, SHYAMALA VANARASE Prof. Satish Bahadur taught at the Film &TV Institute of India in its early phases from 1963 to 1983 as Professor of Film Appreciation. In the foundational years he established the use of international film classics as an essential learning input for students learning different aspects of film making. He was officer in charge of the National Film Archive of India when it was established and continued to be associated with its academic work. He was consultant to UNESCO on several programmes relating to Film Education. From 1967, he established the one month long extension Course in Film Appreciation for participants from all over the country. The course of the 2009 summer at Pune was 35" in this series. Professor Bahadur also taught numerous extension courses of average 10 day duration in places all over the country, literally from Rajkot to Imphal and Chandigarh to Trivandrum for local hosts like a film society or an educational institution. He has been honoured with the first Satyajit Ray Award for promotion of film culture in India. / Dr. Shyamala Vanarase, psychologist, HRD consultant and art critic has lately been active in the newly emerging culture of courses in the Marathi language. Earlier she had taught Psychology and Communication in several institutions in Pune. She has worked on numerous Film Appreciation extension programmes with Prof. Bahadur . Dr. Vanarase has written ten books on her professional interests. Of special interest is her analysis of the stage presentation of Vijay Tendulkar's play "Ghashiram Kotwal". Her book in Marathi on the psycho-social aspects of themes in the films of Ray has been published.

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